When was “Selling The OC” filmed? The spin-off began production in late 2021

Things are changing fast in the world of real estate and reality TV, and if a series is better for just showing How? ‘Or’ What it moves fast, it’s Netflix sell sunset. It’s all happening so fast that after just five consecutive seasons following the Oppenheim Group to Los Angeles, twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim have opened another outpost of their successful real estate agency just south of Los Angeles in Los Angeles County. ‘Orange, California. Luckily for Netflix fans, they brought the cameras with them to film Sell ​​COwhich premiered on the streaming network on August 24.

This is not the first spin-off of sell sunsetwhich premiered in March 2019. In December 2021, Netflix released Sell ​​Tampaa show that follows a similar format to the original featuring a group of agents from Allure, another real estate brokerage not related to the Oppenheim Group. Sell ​​CO is a more direct spinoff and follows what happens after the brothers enter the real estate community in one of California’s wealthiest cities. Cast members Alex Hall, Austin Victoria, Tyler Stanaland and Alexandra Rose were just a few of the OC agents who told Bustle that when they learned the Oppenheim brothers were coming to take over the county market ‘Orange, they made sure to get in. contact Jason and Brett to see how they could get in downstairs. But when exactly did the brothers settle? Let’s break down when the show started filming.

When Sell ​​CO Start filming?

Jason announced in the sell sunset Season 4, which was filmed around July 2021, that they were opening an office in Newport Beach, but it’s not the finale that aired in November 2021 that Sell ​​CO was announced. At the time, Variety reported that production has just “begun,” meaning the scenes you see take place throughout the first season of Sell ​​CO were likely filmed from late 2021 to early 2022.

The Adam DiVello-produced series doesn’t include any mention — or show any scene — where the agents appear to be celebrating major holidays. So, it looks like the show took place in January or February 2022, but given that it seems to be eternal summer in the surfers’ oasis in Newport Beach, it’s hard to say.

Will there be a Sell ​​CO Season 2?

Although it hasn’t been announced yet, fans can rest assured that there will likely be a Sell ​​CO Season 2 is coming sooner than they think. sell sunset premiered in March 2019 and Season 2 only came a year later in May 2020. Shortly after, sell sunset Seasons 3 and 4 arrived in August 2020 and November 2021, respectively, with sell sunset Premiere of season 5 in April 2022.

Given the quick filming and release schedule of the five sell sunset seasons, it’s likely the cast went back-to-back. The release dates for each season were likely staggered based on how quickly the shows went through the editing process and when Netflix felt it was best to create the new seasons to maximize viewership (and to keep us all waiting to see how Jason and Chrishell Stause’s relationship started). Considering the success of the original, it’s safe to say that there are likely still cameras rolling, and fans will catch up with Agents of Group O in the OC in late 2022 or early 2023. Viewers can only hope as curious minds need to know how all the drama unfolds among the cast.

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