The internet takes the end credits of movies and TV back to 2007

Now we just need Optimus Prime to voice famous movie monologues as well.

The world was a very different place in 2007. In that seemingly distant past, the middle class believed they could still buy a home one day, most of us didn’t know what coronavirus was and, most Stranger of all, blended into the park’s linkin “What I have done” for the end credits of a movie or TV show was always considered a pretty cool thing to do.

In an effort to imagine a popular culture that has always understood the power of this choice, a culture that shadows all work agitation, told by a robot conclusion at Michael Bay Transformers– The internet has remixed every movie and show imaginable to create an alternate reality steeped in “What I Did.”

The best way to show how effective this type of modification can be is to start with its best implementation yet: Jack Alling”The Godfather but it came out in 2007.

Every version of the meme follows this same pattern. The last scene of a movie or TV series plays and the song starts playing just before the credits start.

There are tweets that show us Linkin Parkified versions of drive my car, Knives out, Obi Wan Kenobi, game of thrones, HEYand The Lord of the Rings. There are others who give this treatment to The Sopranos, star wars, Citizen Kane, Calm your enthusiasm, Freedmenand mid summer.

The format works in almost any application. But some of the best, like the one from @mauro_text 2001: A Space Odysseyby Jill Krajewski breakfast club late, Andrew Bergamo There is no country for old people@sflnino’s Chinese districtby @lukemuniz_ The passion of Christand Jackson McMurray The arrival of a train at La Ciotat station– turn the idea into something sublime.

Eventually, the accounts of network brands and production companies will start posting them themselves and a nice joke will be ruined. But, in the meantime, we can continue to enjoy a very good used meme format just a little longer.

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