What is your favorite Lord of the Rings memory?

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema Next week, Amazon will finally launch its flagship fall series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. It’s a show that’s been in development for a while, and Amazon spent a frankly absurd amount money to both get the rights to do the show and do it … Read more

Marvel Announces Monica Rambeau Comic Book Miniseries

Following his appearance on Wanda Vision played by Teyonah Paris, and before her next jump to the cinema in 2023 Wonders, Monique Rambeau is now given a bigger push in the comics. Besides being one of the members of the new, Reformed Thunderbolts, she is now set to receive her own comic book miniseries. The … Read more

The Sandman can live elsewhere than on Netflix

Image: netflix Creator Neil Gaiman seems a little glum that Netflix has yet to renew The Sandman TV series for another season. The bloodshed at HBO Max continues, including the upcoming Batman animated series from Bruce Timm and JJ Abrams. Also, showrunner Erik Kripke teases the first episode of the fourth season of The boys. … Read more