‘Keep It Between Us’ Exposes the Worrying Epidemic of Grooming in US Schools

OWhen the heartbreaking revelations about Harvey Weinstein first broke in 2017, Cheryl Nichols, executive producer and subject of the Freeform docuseries keep it between us—remembers reading the cover in his living room. “The first thing I thought of,” she recently told The Daily Beast, “is what happened to me.” As depicted in the docuseries, Nichols … Read more

Netflix’s ‘Running With The Devil’ Reveals Insanity Of Suspected Murderer John McAfee

John McAfee became incredibly wealthy protecting other people’s computers, yet at some point in his life the famous pioneer of antivirus software decided the only way to protect himself was to go abroad, armed to the teeth, ingesting tons of drugs and drinking alcohol and regularly fleeing the police and the forces of darkness that … Read more