Stallone’s Samaritan proves it’s not too late for Rambo 6

The main role of Sylvester Stallone in the action-packed Samaritan proves that it is not too late to Rambo 6. Now streaming on Prime Video, Samaritan follows Joe Smith (Stallone), a garbage man hiding his superhero character, Samaritan, who allegedly disappeared 25 years ago. Eventually, a local child learns his true identity, but Samaritan is now more vulnerable in his old age. Yet he exemplifies strength, morality, and rebirth from his ashes, much like the iconic characters of Stallone, Rocky, and Rambo – just with superhuman abilities.


Stallone is best known for creating and starring in the famous Rocky franchise as boxer Rocky Balboa. The film series, which debuted with the first of its six main installments in 1976, boasts worldwide sales of over $1.7 billion and has resulted in three Creed spinoffs (one of which is due out next year). Stallone also starred as John Rambo in the Rambo franchise and Barney Ross in The Expendables franchise, which have earned him a place among Hollywood’s biggest action stars. Now his role in Samaritan brings Stallone back to helm an interesting action movie.

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Samaritan turned out to be a great way for Stallone to return to a movie that comfortably embraces his most iconic traits and abilities, but in the context of a more fantastical plot. Samaritan also borrows elements from previous Stallone franchises, which may contribute to its success, given the resounding popularity of those films. With Stallone cast as the main man in this dark superhero film, he also proves he still has what it takes to helm a major action movie, even at 76 years old. This means that Stallone could even appear in new episodes of his other franchises, like Rambo 6.

Will Sylvester Stallone do Rambo 6?

Rambo 5entitled Rambo: Last Blood, was met with disappointing reviews despite its thrilling revival of the franchise after 11 years. The film was to be the final episode involving war veteran John Rambo. However, his conclusion describing Rambo astride his horse felt like a vague and inconclusive ending to his story. Previously, Stallone and author David Morrell, who wrote the original film’s source novel, discussed the fifth Rambo film ending with a touching reflection on his journey throughout the series. Rambo 6 could possibly revive that original ending and give the character – and the audience – the closure that was dropped Rambo: Last Blood. The next sequel might even close by following Morrell’s ending first blood book and depicting Rambo’s death, concluding his journey once and for all. Rambo 6 would not only tie up the character’s storyline, but also leave room for the legacy to continue beyond doubt as to Rambo’s place in the franchise.

Although there is no definitive confirmation that Rambo 6 is underway, there may be other opportunities for the Rambo legacy to continue. Although the project wouldn’t star Stallone, famed stylized action filmmaker Quentin Tarantino wants to remake first blood, this time with Adam Driver. Stallone also shared during a 2019 screening for Rambo: Last Blood that he hopes they will make a Rambo prequel, maybe as a TV series. If that were to happen, however, a much younger actor would have to play John Rambo. Fortunately, the door for Stallone to return Rambo 6 remains open, with its role in Samaritan suggesting he’s not – and may never be – too old to play a top action hero.

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