Sean Cunningham teasing ‘Friday the 13th’ 13th installment for next year? !

It has now been 13 years since the release of the last Friday 13 film, with the franchise trapped in a messy legal battle ever since. You can read all about those legal issues here, but the bottom line is that Sean Cunningham, the original film’s director, and Victor Miller, the original film’s writer, had a fight over who controls what.

It was in 2018 that a judge ruled that Victor Miller owned the rights to the original Friday 13 storyline in the United States, a decision Cunningham failed to reverse in the years that followed. Cunningham, however, does own the character of adult Jason Voorhees, introduced in later sequels, so the two will eventually have to work together on this one.

Otherwise, the main elements of the franchise will have to be divided between the two parties for any future projects, which seems too complicated to be really viable.

That said, it looks like SOMETHING is happening very soon, as Sean Cunningham has updated his Cameo bio to indicate that the franchise is coming back to life soon…?!

Cunningham’s official Cameo bio states, “Sean S. Cunningham directed and produced the seminal horror film Friday 13creating the iconic villain Jason Voorhees. The film has spawned 12 installments with a 13th scheduled for next year..”

What does it mean? Did Cunningham and Miller make a deal or is Cunningham developing a Friday his own project? For now, it’s a mysterious tease that has us scratching our heads and wondering what’s going on in the world of Camp Crystal Lake.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more. Stay tuned.

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