Richard Simmons stuns fans with a rare public message after the release of a documentary about his disappearance

Richard Simmons is speaking out publicly for the first time in years after TMZ released a documentary about the former fitness guru’s disappearance. Simmons, which is the subject of TMZ investigates: what really happened to Richard Simmonstook to Facebook to react to the outpouring of support after the special premiered on FOX and Hulu on Wednesday (August 24).

In a rare personal note, Simmons posted on Wednesday, “Thank you all for your kindness and love! ❤️ Love, Richard,” by TMZ.

Because Simmons’ Facebook account doesn’t often feature direct messages from the aerobics instructor, Simmons’ lyrics quickly caught the attention of his followers, who returned the love in the comments section.

Just two days after the post was posted, it has already garnered more than 34,000 reactions and nearly 5,000 comments on Facebook, and it’s easy to see why — Simmons has been absent from the public eye for nearly a decade.

Michael Catalano, Simmons’ manager, said People that the message came from Simmons himself. He confirmed to the outlet: ‘It was a personal message from Richard. He was moved by the reaction to the special and all the good wishes he received. He was encouraged by kindness.

TMZ investigates: what really happened to Richard Simmons explores the theories behind Simmons’ disappearance. The TV personality was last seen in February 2014, and since then rumors have swirled that he was being held hostage or suffering from health issues.

But according to Simmons’ spokesperson, he’s doing just fine. Two days after Simmons shared his heartfelt post on Facebook, his rep Tom Estey assured fans that Simmons is very happy with his life these days.

“Richard is forever grateful for the continued outpouring of love and gratitude he has received from around the world,” Estey said. The New York Post. “He is happy, healthy and living the life he chose to live.”

TMZ investigates: what really happened to Richard Simmons is now streaming on Hulu.

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