Paramount is filming a documentary on the return of Louis CK

Louis CK

Louis CK
Photo: Getty Images for the Tribeca Television Festival

If you ever needed a clear example that the so called “cancel culture” is not real and that some people who have been accused or admitted of misconduct have no problem maintaining a level of success similar to what they had before, just look at Louis CK: After The New York Times published accusations of several women who said he used to expose himself to female colleagues and force them to watch him masturbate, he admitted the stories were true and pledged to “step back and take a lot of time to listen”.

This “long time” ended up lasting less than a year, with CK eventually back to comedy and make movies Like nothing ever happened. He has even won a Grammy earlier this year. Now Paramount is developing a documentary about Louis CK and his comeback, with Paramount TV executive David Nevins telling the Edinburgh TV Festival (Going through Variety) that he doesn’t think “the social change that #MeToo has brought is resolved at all” and that there is now “a bit of a backlash against #MeToo [over] who has to go and who is allowed to return.

Nevins also noted that CK is “a slightly different situation” than Harvey Weinstein, adding that he is “a great, great comedian who came back in his own way.” This seems oddly sympathetic to CK and/or the situation he’s put himself in, but Variety reports that Nevins also said this documentary “will involve the New York Times journalists who announced that Louis CK had been accused of sexual misconduct by five women.

We don’t know what this involvement will entail or literally anything else about this project, like who is doing it or where it will end up (Variety involves Paramount+ but The Hollywood Reporter said Showtime), so we’ll see how it all plays out.

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