Netflix’s First Lou Trailer Casts Allison Janney As John Wick

Allison Janney has always been a badass, from her ferocious, no-nonsense performance as press secretary and eventual chief of staff CJ Cregg on The west wing to a long series of equally frank and energetic roles in films of Ugly at Me Tonya. But the next Netflix movie Lou finds a new kind of role for her, like the kind of “secret ass kicker with a sordid, submerged past” character that movies love John Wick and Nobody have become a staple of the screen over the past decade.

Janney stars in a story that sounds very familiar from Liam Neeson’s hit Taken and the endless imitators that followed: When her neighbour’s young daughter is kidnapped, she hits the trail with a very particular set of skills, determined to get the girl back. That alone might not seem like enough in a time when the lighthearted female-led action flick is also becoming a screen staple: just look at last year’s crop, including kate, Gunpowder milkshake, jerkand The Protectedor this year’s explosion of medieval martial arts Princess.

But just watch the new trailer for the film and see if it isn’t surprisingly compelling. It feels like a natural extension of Janney’s familiar screen persona: her ability to be tough, dominant, and in control of any interaction pairs well with confident, devastating violence. Like her neighbor, Jurnee Smollett (Black Canary of Birds of prey) brings a softer touch to the story, but still comes across as protective and determined.

Director Anna Foerster has plenty of acting experience, dating back to the 2016 film Underworld: Blood Wars to episodes of Jessica Jones, Westworldand Foreign. She was the second shift manager on Aeon stream and on Roland Emmerich Two days later and 10,000 BC. But for savvy action fans, the real draw of this trailer might be Janney’s fight against Daniel Bernhardt, the longtime stuntman/henchman who coached Bob Odenkirk to fight for Nobody. Bernhardt is a mainstay of film fight sequences, The Matrix Reloaded at John Wick at Logan, Hobbs & Shawand Birds of prey, and his presence on a film like Lou usually means the star is going to look great while taking the tar off her.

Lou will debut on Netflix on September 23.

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