Liger’s opening day figures are shocking

Mumbai: The hugely popular ‘Liger, which hit theaters on Thursday, seems unable to attract audiences. The occupancy of the shows on the first day was low, which can translate into an ominous opening.

Film trade analyst Karan Taurani of Elara Capital told the media: “The current response to ‘Liger’ is poor. We had previously estimated the film would open at Rs 30-35 crore in the South, but the response to the film in the Telugu markets has been below average.”

According to trends, the film’s projected lifetime collections have also taken a hit from previously projected numbers.

“The film’s lifetime collections were expected to be Rs 170-180 crore, of which 25% were expected to come from the Hindi market, but looking at current trends, the film is likely to reach a lifetime figure of Rs 55-60 crore” , Taurani said.

“Of this Rs 60 crore, Rs 10 crore will come from Hindi territory. ‘Liger’ could report a below par performance in all markets,” he added.

But why does the film, which made a good buzz around it, find itself in such a situation? The answer is the lackluster content that Puri Jagannath, the man at the helm, delivered.

“You really have to blame the kind of content that comes out these days,” Taurani noted.

“It fails on all fronts to attract crowds to theatres. Even for ‘Liger’, people saw something similar in 2015 in Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra’s ‘Brothers’,” Taurani added, pointing out that the film is beaten. the “novelty factor”.

As for what exactly will work at the box office in the coming days, the business analyst said the industry needs to do a lot of soul-searching and pulling up its socks to improve the game.

“It’s the only way for the industry to save itself from the financial loss and embarrassment that presents itself every Friday,” he said.

“Only films with good realistic visual effects and event films with outstanding content will perform at the box office,” Taurani said.

He concluded by adding: “The industry needs to make sweeping changes in terms of content that can bring attendance back to pre-Covid levels. People have become selective about what content they want to see in theaters. .”

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