Lance Reddick reacts to the cancellation of Resident Evil

There have been a ton of great shows that have graced our TV screens this summer. Especially on Netflix which has seen the return of successful science fiction series’ stranger things and The Umbrella Academy. However, one of the underrated new shows on the streamer was resident Evil. Sadly, after just one season, the series based on the mega-popular video game franchise of the same name was canceled last Friday. now star Lance Reddick who played a version of the iconic character Albert Wesker spoke about the news.

In a video posted to Reddick’s Twitter page, the actor reflected on his time filming the show, including saying “We worked hard and had a great time.” He then thanked the crew, executive producers and cast like Paola Nunez, Siena Agudong, Ella Balinska, Smart Tamaraand Adeline Rodolphe. He also thanked fans for their love and support. However, in the same breath, Reddick also took the time to call out the “trolls and haters” the series has faced throughout its short lifespan. There was a lot of negative attention around this series since it was announced and many fans of the franchise didn’t give it a chance due to its different take on established lore. Many people on social media are even celebrating the show’s cancellation after the news broke. Reddick specifically thanked people who “got what we were doing” and repeated that sentiment multiple times, and for good reason as this series wasn’t like the games at all.


This may sound negative, but it was actually resident Evilis the greatest strength. It was a rich and rather compelling family tragedy that explored Albert Wesker in a unique and meaningful way. The introduction of Wesker’s children also added a new dynamic to this would-be villain. For that reason, in true franchise fashion, this sci-fi-focused series has never pulled off any of its gruesome tricks. The Weskers’ story takes place in some very dark and emotionally disturbing places, especially in the final two episodes. Everything from action-infused horror to stellar effects filled with the franchise’s signature monsters served as a love letter to resident Evil while adding a meaty coat of fresh paint to the franchise. However, one of the main reasons this series worked was Reddick’s brilliant performance. The actor brought so much refreshing life to Wesker, perfectly balancing his hard-hitting intensity, country character, and overly Shakespearean performance. This crazy concoction of tones is a mix that resident Evil always thrived, and this series knew it.

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Due to this, resident Evil deserved a second chance at life. It was a misunderstood genre series that didn’t stand a chance in a crowded summer market full of returning franchises. Reddick’s message is a reminder that, whatever your thoughts on the overall end product, real human beings are behind all of these daunting hit shows. The TV industry is brutal and so many hard working people rarely get the recognition they deserve. At least fans of this series can take comfort in knowing that everyone had a great time making it. In this short post, you can see Reddick’s love for the show and his character.

You can watch his heartfelt thank you message below. You can also stream the resident Evil series on Netflix now – although it’s been canceled, it’s still a wild horror ride worth taking.

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