Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan’s High-Octane Showdown In Vikram Vedha Promises Massive Movie

“This story is not only funny but also shocking,” a dirty and intimidating Hrithik Roshan tells a silent and angry Saif Ali Khan at the start of Vikram Vedha’s teaser. The rest of the one minute 46 second clip is filled with one powerful moment after another.

If people think Bollywood has forgotten about “mass” movies, Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan are here to tell a different story with their latest, Vikram Veda. Filmmaker duo Pushkar and Gayatri’s Hindi remake of their beloved 2017 Tamil blockbuster sees Hrithik as the mobster Vedha while Saif stars as a cop on a mission.

Watch the Vikram Veda teaser here

The teaser, which dropped on Wednesday, shows a glimpse into the duo’s world, laden with blood, power, bullets, and…stories. “It is easier to choose between good and evil. But in this story, both are bad,” says the Veda of Hrithik.

Vikram Vedha’s first video unit also teases a powerful “masala” movie-watching experience, with stylized action, slow-motion shots, snappy dialogue, upbeat background music, and two stars, all in solid form.

Vikram Vedha follows the story of a cop, who is on the hunt to catch a gangster. Things take a turn when the mobster willingly surrenders and tells the officer his story which challenges his perception of right and wrong. The original starred R Madhavan as a cop while Vijay Sethupathi played the feared gangster.

Vikram Veda marks Hrithik Roshan’s return to the big screen three years after his blockbuster War. This is also the first time that Hrithik has teamed up with Saif, who was last seen in Bunty Aur Babli 2.

Earlier in June, when the team wrapped up production of Vikram Veda, Hrithik Roshan described his journey as “scary and delicious”. “Time and my audience will tell if my instincts were in the right place or not. But regardless of victory or failure, I am so grateful for the clarity and vision of my directors Gayatri and Pushkar. The passion they own for the story and the sparkle in their eyes every day we were on set, was silent motivation for me to give my best as Vedha,” the actor had posted on social media. .

After Vikram Veda, Hrithik would next be seen in Fighter, which reunited him with Siddharth Anand after the war. Vikram Veda is set to hit theaters worldwide on September 30.

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