Henry Cavill finally returns for Man Of Steel 2 with Zack Snyder directing?

By Charlene Badasie | Posted

Since taking over the reins of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav has been making headlines for all sorts of reasons. On a mission to save $3 billion in unnecessary costs, the new CEO ruthlessly trashed $90 million bat girl film, canceled several popular DC series, and laid off employees in hopes of making the studio a financial success. While some people may not approve of his methods, the 62-year-old exec may have good news for Henry Cavill fans as he plans to restore the Snyderverse with Man of steel 2.

The news comes from self-proclaimed DCEU insider Syl Abdul, who claims the project will be revealed next year with Zack Snyder attached to direct the Henry Cavill-directed feature. If the rumors are true, a man of steel 2 the announcement would be somewhat poetic since 2023 marks 10 years since the first theatrical success. Also, the new trailer for Shazam! Fury of the gods showed several scenes of Zack Snyder Justice Leaguerather than Joss Whedon’s version hinting at the impending restoration of the Snyderverse.

Add Ben Affleck’s established cameo in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and it’s not hard to believe the speculation. While the concept of a Henry Cavill directed man of steel 2 is very exciting, these whispers shouldn’t be taken too seriously since nothing has been officially confirmed. And there have been conflicting reports regarding the British actor’s DCEU status since San Diego Comic-Con. The 39-year-old was scheduled to make an appearance at the event during the Warner Bros. Hall H panel for the upcoming DC Extended Universe lineup.

But when the day finally came, he was nowhere to be found. Although Henry Cavill was absent, the Man of Steel received praise from upcoming DC star Dwayne Johnson, who raved about his counterpart. Describing him as the Superman of our generation, the black adam The star called the Elona Holmes star a buddy and a phenomenal Superman. “Every time I see him, we’re drinking tequila and I’m like, ‘This guy is Superman,'” he added. Jungle Cruise the star said via ComicBook. The last time fans got to see the count of Monte Cristo alum as The Last Son of Krypton was in the theatrical release Justice League in 2017.

Since then, Henry Cavill has developed his acting skills as Geralt of Rivia in The witcher. The role represented a major franchise transition for the DCEU actor. After debuting in 2019, the series has become a pop culture phenomenon, with a second season hitting Netflix in 2021. The third season still doesn’t have a release date. Waiting for an official man of steel 2 announcement, fans can expect to see the star in several new projects like Matthew Vaughn’s new spy franchise For Argy.

Henry Cavill will also appear in the upcoming mountaineer reboot and that of Steve Falk The Rosie Project which is based on the book of the same name by Graeme Simsion. And in November, the man of steel 2 Hopeful will reprise her role as Sherlock Holmes opposite Millie Bobby Brown in Netflix Enola Holmes after.

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