Funding tensions for NTR-Koratala film?

The big movies in Tollywood led by the backing of two big financiers Satya Rangayya and Venkatram Reddy. They run a finance syndicate and now 90% of their operations are shut down.

There are other syndicates like Sudheer and Sobhan but they cannot meet the demand for Rs 50 Cr and Rs 100 Cr. Thus, major films are now faced with the scarcity of funds.

On the other hand, a funding deal has already been struck for the upcoming NTR-Koratala movie, long before the release of Acharya itself. Sources claim that Satya Rangayya has also unblocked advances.

But now the situation has changed after the result of ‘Acharya’. Producer Sudhakar is new to Tollywood and Koratala’s credibility is shattered. So, the sources say that to continue the financial support, Hari from NTR Arts would have to sign the deals as well.

It may be difficult for the film to get 100% funding from Satya Rangayya with a change in circumstances. So they have to plan a huge investment on a personal level. Producer Sudhakar is on this job.

The film will be a pan-Indian product in multiple languages. It is planned to make the film in 9 different languages ​​with a huge multilingual cast. So this movie needs a lot of funding from non-theatrical pre-sales and some regional sales.

The film is expected to hit theaters in November when everything is in place.

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