Frankie Muniz responded to a fan who asked where the Dewey actor had been since the show

Frankie Muniz answered a question asking what happened to the actor who played Dewey in Malcolm in the middle.

Ever since the highly successful sitcom ended in 2006, the show’s stars have continued to stay in the spotlight to some degree.

This is especially true for Hal, aka Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White.

But the same can’t be said for Erik Per Sullivan, who portrayed the youngest child in the infamous family.

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Despite being a fan-favorite character, the world hasn’t heard much about the 31-year-old since the series finale.

With so many people still calling for updates on what he’s up to now, Malcolm France decided to ask Muniz if he could provide some information – and the 36-year-old star was more than happy to oblige. .

“To be honest, I don’t know what he’s doing,” he explained. “I hate to say that because I’ve spoken to him multiple times since the show ended.

“I talked to his parents a lot. When I was in the band, we were going to play in the town where he lives and his parents came to the show but unfortunately he couldn’t come.

“So I have to talk to them, and he’s done a lot of different things all over.

“But one thing I know, some actors or some people had to do it when they were kids and then they wanted to experiment with other things and live a more normal life away from the spotlight.

“I think that’s what he wanted to do so well for him.”

Yeah, it looks like Sullivan just wanted to step away from the spotlight, which is completely understandable.

But that hasn’t stopped fans from hoping for an update, with many pointing out that it looks like he’s launched an Instagram page, though that’s yet to be verified.

In January 2021, a photo was uploaded to the account showing Sullivan all grown up, and the same goes for a post in April of this year.

Despite hundreds of comments asking him to respond, we haven’t heard anything else from the former actor yet.

Still, I hope he enjoys his life, whatever he does today.

In an interview with Dave Moody for SiriusXM NASCAR last month he announced that he hoped to join NASCAR’s Third Division next year with the eventual goal of one day competing in the Cup Series.

“We talk to a bunch of teams, both in ARCA and Trucks, Xfinity,” he said, adding, “I also want to be realistic.

“Obviously I haven’t done a ton of races on ovals. So wherever I go next year it will be new.

“So along the same lines, I want to progress quickly. I don’t want to throw myself completely into the depths.

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“That’s the goal is to be in a truck or do the ARCA National or both.”

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