Film production in downtown Baltimore halted after threats of violence and extortion, police say

BALTIMORE– Production on the Lady in the Lake TV series was halted on Friday after drug dealers threatened to shoot someone on the film set in downtown Baltimore and attempted to extort money from his producers, the Baltimore Banner reported Saturday.

Production ceased after “locals threatened the film’s producers that if they didn’t stop production, they would come back later…and shoot someone,” a department spokesperson confirmed. Baltimore Police at WJZ.

“The locals then told the producers that if they paid them, they would allow production to continue,” a department spokesperson said.

The spokesman said he did not know “the dollar amount” offered by “locals”.

The Baltimore Banner reported that drug dealers tried to extort $50,000 from the crew and the producers refused to pay.

“Production officials have decided to err on the side of caution and postpone filming after finding an alternate location,” the department spokesperson said.

Lady in the Lake is a TV series that is set to stream on Apple TV+. It’s based on the book written by best-selling author Laura Lippman, a former Baltimore Sun reporter.

The series stars Oscar winner Natalie Portman. A film crew operated in the 200 block of Park Avenue, authorities said.

The producers of Lady in the Lake will shoot “throughout the Baltimore area through October,” according to a press release from the Maryland Economic Development Association.

“Lady in the Lake is set in 1960s Baltimore, where an unsolved murder drives a housewife and mother to reinvent herself as an investigative journalist and puts her on a collision course with a hardworking woman juggling motherhood, plenty of jobs, and a passionate commitment to advancing Baltimore’s progressive black agenda,” the statement said.

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