Confess, Fletch trailer stars Jon Hamm in crime comedy

Journalists have a lot to do. From low pay to the ever-present threat of layoffs, those who choose a path in the media don’t exactly expect a smooth ride. Jon Hamm’s Character in Upcoming Crime Comedy Confess, Fletch knows it very well. “I was an investigative journalist. It’s a profession that has been devalued by the digital age,” he says in the trailer. “As president.” Fletcher, whom we first see floating on a seedy fishing boat, comes out of retirement for one last job at the behest of his schoolyard-joking editor (John Slattery, in a Mad Men meeting). There’s a story worth investigating: someone stole a rich man’s Picasso, worth $20 million, a theft that left a woman dead at the scene. And it’s a serious crime wrapped in a not serious film. The encrypted police report password, for example? “Go there yourself.” High jinks ensue after a fearless detective (Roy Wood Jr.) arrests Fletcher for the very murder the reporter is trying to solve. But who cares who killed the girl? It’s about having a good story. “If you killed that girl, do the right thing,” the Fletch editor says over a beer in a bar. “And give me an exclusive.” Based on the main character who was created by author Gregory Mcdonald and played by Chevy Chase in Fletch (1985), Confess, Fletch co-stars Annie Mumolo, Ayden Mayeri, Lorenza Izzo, Kyle MacLachlan and Marcia Gay Harden. Catch it in theaters and on digital September 16th…if you can.

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