Frankie Muniz responded to a fan who asked where the Dewey actor had been since the show

Frankie Muniz answered a question asking what happened to the actor who played Dewey in Malcolm in the middle. Ever since the highly successful sitcom ended in 2006, the show’s stars have continued to stay in the spotlight to some degree. This is especially true for Hal, aka Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White. But the … Read more

What is your favorite Lord of the Rings memory?

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema Next week, Amazon will finally launch its flagship fall series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. It’s a show that’s been in development for a while, and Amazon spent a frankly absurd amount money to both get the rights to do the show and do it … Read more

Neil Gaiman Details Doctor Strange Movie Pitch Turned Down by Marvel’s Kevin Feige

Neil Gaiman and Guillermo del Toro presented Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige with a Doctor Strange movie that was perhaps ahead of its time. These days, Gaiman is focused on Netflix The sand man series, which has yet to be renewed for a second season but is well on its way. Gaiman was a guest … Read more

Stallone is wasted in Dull Superhero Nonsense

The wife and I are not subscribed to Amazon Prime for the streaming service. We support free delivery. As far as an entertainment outlet goes, Amazon Prime stinks. In fact, maybe it doesn’t stink. Maybe there are some decent TV shows and movies somewhere in that pile. Amazon Prime’s menu is so confusing and unfriendly … Read more

John Carpenter is still scary

“Sir, please hang up the phone, please,” Jordan Peele tweeted last July, to a fan who suggested he might already be the best horror director of all time. “I love your enthusiasm,” Peele added, but “I just won’t tolerate any slander from John Carpenter!!!” Carpenter’s case as America’s greatest living genre filmmaker has certainly been … Read more

Marvel launches its all-new Thunderbolts team

Marvel launches its new Thunderbolts team made up of superheroes working for the law. Writer Jim Zub and artist Sean Izaakse offer readers a whole new Love at first sight miniseries in August. With Hawkeye Clint Barton as team leader, band members include Spectrum/Monica Rambeau, America Chavez, Power Man/Victor Alvarez, Persuasion and Gutsen Glory. A … Read more

JK Rowling Reveals Why She Didn’t Show Up For ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion

Author JK Rowling has revealed why she wasn’t featured on HBO Max’s ‘Harry Potter’ reunion special in January. Rowling told radio show host Graham Norton on Saturday that she had been asked to take part in the special which recognized the 20th anniversary of the first wizarding film. Her absence led to speculation that repeated … Read more

Going to the movies near you: $3 movie tickets for one day

NEW YORK (AP) — For one day, movie tickets will cost just $3 at the vast majority of U.S. theaters as part of a new “National Movie Day” to entice moviegoers during a quiet time at the box- office. The Cinema Foundation, a nonprofit arm of the National Association of Theater Owners, announced Sept. 3 … Read more